Suzhou Garden Villa


Picture a scene right out of a classical Chinese poem: crisscrossing watercourses, delicate bridges, and ancient style pavilions. Suzhou Garden Villa is built in the spirit of that which has captivated the city’s visitors in ages past – the traditional Chinese Gardens of Suzhou.

Begun in 1992 as the Group’s first property development project in Suzhou, the three phases of Suzhou Garden Villa offer an assortment of residences from the traditional to the modern, including classical courtyard houses, villas, and contemporary apartments. Internationally renowned landscape artisans and architects were commissioned to design the award-winning residential complex and the surroundings. These, coupled with its prime location in the CBD of Suzhou New District, even today, Suzhou Garden Villa enjoys a prestigious brand name as the quality residential estate in Suzhou, acclaimed for its unique combination of classic Chinese living experience as well as professionally managed residential services and facilities.

The three phases, comprising  6 blocks of high-rise apartments and 20 townhouses with total gross floor area around 73,225 sq.m., were completed in 1994, 1996 and 1998, respectively.


New Heritage’s first project in Suzhou


98 Shishan Road, New District, Suzhou

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