Venture Capital

Engagement and having a meaningful stake in the New and Shared Economy begins with understanding how Venture Capital is raised, deployed, how deals are sourced, assessed and secured. The exclusive nature of VC deals make investing with the right GPs most critical.

NH has been privileged to invest and work with seasoned and reputable VC firms and will continue to look for opportunities to expand its network.

Urban Environment & Society

Cities are at the heart of our future. The complexity of rapid urban growth and evolving social schema must be met with emergent and scalable solutions. Our portfolio companies touch wide ranging aspects of modern living, from decentralising work and running cleaner buildings, to revolutionising home viewing and unleashing conscious consumption.

Healthy Ageing & Living

Populations around the world are ageing at a faster pace. In 2021, the World Health Organization predicted 1 in every 6 people on the planet will be 60 or older by 2030; thus, resources for a meaningful and dignified life, as well as the accessibility of full participation in society for graceful living, are critical. Our portfolio companies transform the elderly from passive recipients of social services to those who reach their full potential in dignity, equality, and a healthy living environment.

Smart Enterprise & Labour

New economy sectors are powered by new paradigms. Combining an innovative approach with proprietary hardware and algorithms, our portfolio companies boost worker productivity through real-time and data-driven insights, while addressing growing labour shortages across the economy. Some have also laid the foundation of a flourishing gaming and bio-economy.

Private Equity

How well we know and work with our GPs and the commensurate risk and return levels determine our participation in PE investments.


An alternative real estate asset class and investment presence in a significant ASEAN member country in which our group has had historical ties.

Real Estate Private Equity

We can take majority as well as LP and minority positions. Our investments are in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe and the USA.

Our participation have been in core, core-plus, value-add, redevelopment and master-planned community spaces. We are flexible and are willing to explore other regions and investment strategies.

Social Impact

We look forward to engaging with social impact investment opportunities, particularly in climate change, poorer communities, and food and water security.  We look for strong and passionate teams who are anywhere on the journey from start-up to pre-IPO.

Climate Change and
Carbon Emissions Reduction

Climate change is a global concern. Clean energy, renewable natural resources supply, machine learning, technology transfer, and other factors contribute to progress toward a low-carbon economy. These climate and environmental goals are to be achieved through both private and public investments. As part of the efforts to realize our climate transition objectives that in line with the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our group emphasized the importance of bringing in business models and projects that promote a more resilient, resource-efficient and sustainable economy, with the ultimate goal of cooling the planet and buying more time for all living forms.

Serving Poorer Communities

Poverty is a complex issue with numerous contributing factors. Without adequate global assistance and economic opportunities mobilization, the immediate threat of poverty and the pandemic’s cumulative effects as negative externality will exert significant social and economic pressure in the near future. In response to the global poverty situation, our group invested in impactful programmes that brought together humanitarian and professional development actors who work consistently across countries and conditions, allowing us to contribute to global poverty alleviation.

Food/ Water
Security and Efficiency

Aquaculture is the controlled cultivation of aquatic organisms, particularly for human’s ever-growing consumption. It is also known as seafood farming, which is the world’s fastest-growing food industry. Regarding its impact on the environment, and the quality and safety of seafood, our strategy is to concentrate on solutions for responsibly and sustainably farming seafood in order to provide future generations with access to environmentally friendly (low carbon) and healthy protein.